An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identifying the impact of a family counseling program in developing self-esteem and self management among the mothers of children with autism in Al-Karak governorate. The researcher used the semi-experimental approach. The study sample consisted of (20) mothers, who were divided into two groups; the experimental group (10) mothers who were selected from Basma Center for Special Education, and the control group (10) mothers who were selected from Joud Center for Special Education. The equivalence of the two groups was verified by using the self-management scale of (Xue & Sun, 2011), as well as developing the scale of self-esteem, in addition to the counseling program relating to the humanitarian approach which consisted of 15 sessions with each session lasting for one hour. The study results showed that the individuals of the experimental group witnessed a progress in the level of self management as well as self esteem in comparison with the individuals of the control group who didn't witness such a progress in the level of self management. The study results also showed that there are no statistically significant differences at (α = 0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group in the post measurement and follow up measurement regarding the scale of self-management and the scale of self-esteem. The study recommended about using the humanitarian counseling program in improving self-management and self-esteem among the mothers of children with autism.