An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at identifying the image of woman in the Arabic textbooks ofthe secondary stage in Jordan, through analysis its content, The study sample consisted of the Arabic textbooks of the Secondary stage, The idea used as the unit of analysis, To answer the questions of the study the researchers prepared a tool, made up of (65) Items were distributed at six dimensions as follow: social and domestic roles, occupational roles, political, historical and religious roles, woman's rights and her issues, woman's personality and her characteristics, problems suffered by woman. The study showed the following results. the roles of the women that appeared in the textbooks came in the following order: the social and domestic roles, political, historical and religious roles ,women personality and its characteristics, occupational roles, women's rights and her issues and the problems suffered by women came in the final standings .The study recommended many things , one of them is promote the positive image of the woman and her place in the family and socity, the Arabic textbooks should include literary texts reflects the role of women in social life by showcasing her positive image and included texts that solve the most important problems that suffered by a large segment of women .