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The present study is aimed to identify the emotion among the parents of the autistic children in preschools and its impact on emotional and behavioral problems among their children, Formed sample of 24autistic kindergarten children, aged (3-6 years) with an average of (5.22) years, a standard deviation of (1.72), Intelligent ranged between (56-68) Asample of 24of the parents, Was studiedincluded tools on a scale of Binet Intelligence Scale (Egyptian(2003), andestimate the scale of autism Tarsh and others .(2010). scale of emotional and behavioral problems (by researcher), and the Questionnaire of Meta-Emotion for the parents of the Autistic (by Paterson et al., 2012) translation and localization and legalization of the researcher, the study results indicated the presence of varying patterns Meta-Emotion have parents of autistic children about the emotions of their children, and the presence of statistically significant differences among Meta-Emotion have parents autistic children about their children's emotional and behavioral problems attributed (number -autistic child-age child type) within the family, and the presence of differences at among the ranks degrees Meta-Emotion have parents of children with autism about their children's emotional and behavioral problems, according to educational level variable parents.