An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study aimed at assessing the level of morale sprit among faculty member of humanity science faculties (King Fiasal University and Hashemite University), and to determine significant differences in morale spirit based on age, gender, university, years of experience, and rank. The descriptive approach was used for it suitability to achieve the goals of the study. The sample of the study consisted of (353) faculty member of humanity science faculties from King Fiasal and Hashemite universities. The results of the study indicated that the level of the morale sprit among the sample was moderate in whole and all domains of instrument. The results also indicated that no significant differences were detected according to age, gender, years of experience, and rank. While the significant differences appeared according to university variable only for favor to the Hashemite University, and recommended the study to provide the appropriate atmosphere for faculty members to work efficiently and psychological comfort.