An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at investigating the levels of habits of mind andtheirimpact in the mathematical creative thinking at studentsof Amman schools.The sample ofstudy consisted of (120)students selected from Eighth BasicGrade atAbuA’lia public school registered in the scholastic year(2015/2016).The sample of study was divided into two groups; the experimental group (n=60) trainedthe program of habits of mind, andthe other acontrollinggroup (n=60) (untrained by the training program).To investigate levels of habits of mind a scale of habits of mind was developed and had been assured of it is validity and reliability, also an instrument of processing had been developed, it is the training program on the mental habits, and also had been assured of it is validity.Results of study showed lowness of habits of mind at students, and excellence of the experimental group(trained by the training program in the habits of mind) on the controlling group in creative thinking, in addition to existence of positive connecting relationship between the level of habits of mind and mathematical creative thinking.And in the light of results of study, both researchers with the significance of using the training program in the habits of mind on developing the creative thinking.