An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at identifying the role of the availability of MIS requirements in improving the job performance of the Ministry of Education in Jordan, the sample of study consisted of (90) members of directors and heads of departments in the Ministry of Education in Jordan. A questionnaire was used to collect data, including two domains: management information system requirements and the job performance. The results showed the level of job performance in the Ministry of Education with a high degree, and The MIS requirements are available at the Ministry of Education in Jordan with a high degree, also the results showed that there was a significant impact of the MIS requirements on the job performance, and the domain of organizational requirements was the most influential on the job performance. The researcher recommended to promote the attention of using MIS in the administration of the Ministry of Education with all its components andelements, because it is an important variable that contributing and affecting on the job performance of employees.