An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study is about charity and its role in supporting the poor student fund at Alahlia Palestine University from Islamic law prospective. The study aims to identify the nature of the financial impact of the charity in supporting and developing this fund at the university. The study discussed the definition of charity, it's types, legality under Islamic law, the goal behind its legality. Also, identifying the meaning of the poor student fund, legitimacy of its foundation, its functions, its organization, the terms to distribute the fund for the needed students. This study concluded that both charity and poor students fund are essential and legitimate under the Islamic jurisprudence. And getting a financial help from this fund which is supported by charity need to face certain conditions and pass through specific procedures that required from the administration of the university. Furthermore, this study has founded that charities regardless its value or type it has a very valuable financial affect on supporting the needed students fund and thus helping to improve the university, under a according to effective and important factors in the Islamic concept.