An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research is a study of the concept of the stability of the rights in contracts. This topic was studied by applying it to the sale, mentioning the stages that the right passes starting from the right to its stability and its expiry.The study concluded that the stability of the right is the most important stage in the contract. It is the contractor purpose, because the stability of the right proves the right of the parties in the contract, so that each party can use the right to be responsible for his behavior. And the stability of the right is closely linked to the principle of justice in Islam, so the contractors' act in their rights after the stability of it, is the purpose of the contract that was initiated. In order to settle the right in the sale, it must be delivered free of concerns, options and imperfections, so that the buyer can dispose of the sale, taking into account the consequences.