An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Rule of judgment going with its reason is one of the most fundamental, well-known juristic rules implemented by Muslim scholars, and it is a well-controlled rule with its conditions and not released or limited. These conditions are for justifying of judgment from manipulation. As they are also controlling of the scholars when working on judgment and reason. It makes the researcher avoid his personal interferences, and makes him controlled by the conditions. These conditions will be the focused points of study to be a start of controlling of the judgment from manipulation. Furthermore, this research will conclude as to whether the matter of judgment going with its reason abide by the authentic religious texts, or it can be deduced from other religious authorities; such as scholar’s consensus, deductive analogy, companion’s opinion, preference, and other accepted legitimate juristic methods. The result of a change in judgment as a result of a go is that this change is in the mental evidence, such as measurement, interest and all mental evidence.