An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The spatial analysis of lands' uses, including all residential, commercial, and religious types, is one of the most important and significant studies in the planning sector. This will be illustrated through the study area that helps to understand the most uses of the lands because the value of the land is still unrecognized for many citizens, planners, and decision-makers. The society that does not plan how use its lands loses its present and future. Lands are the basis of the development and any other productive processes, therefore, there is a need to plan this process precisely away from any random process due to the fact that any error costs future generations to sacrifice many things. The study uses the descriptive and qualitative methodology. A group of recommendations were concluded; most notably the urban use secured the highest percentages of the lands uses in the study area it reached )45.90%( while the unused lands counted for )39.80%).