An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The current study aimed at identifying the effect of religious behavior and its impact on the psychological and social adjustment among deaf people in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.The study sample was selected purposely to represent all deaf people, consisting of (100) deaf persons equally distributed of male and female persons. In order to verify the objectives of the current study, the researchers used two tools for data collection and to examine hypotheses of the study, namely religious behaviorA questionnaire, psychological and social adjustmentA questionnaire. The researchers has designed both tools consistent with the purposes of the current study, and verified the validity and reliability of both tools.The researchers have applied the descriptive approach, which deals with current and existing events.The results showed that there was a significant effect of religious behavior in deaf people in the psychological and social adjustment, and the study results also showed the existence of an essential positive effect for these variables in the religious behavior in favor of deaf female in the age group of (21-30 years), respectively.The researchers have concluded a set of recommendations including: the need to find a trend towards religious guidance in guiding persons with various disabilities in order to address the marriage and anxiety problems, future and stability issues, guilt, sexual problems,in order to edit a disabled persons’ feelings of sin, helping them to satisfy their security and stability, psychological and social needs.