An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study area is located in the east of Tharthar Lake and covers an area about 4035 Km2. Groundwater is the most important source in the area except the area in the east, which is, depended on Tigris River. For studying the suitability of groundwater, chemical analyses for 42 wells have been used. ArcGIS software has been used to build Raster for required chemical elements to calculate the suitability by using Map Algebra (Calculator). For drinking water, WHO and Iraq standards have been entered in a model to calculate the suitability. The suitability for drinking water shows small area (11.94 Km2) in the east of river while the whole area is unsuitable. For irrigation suitability, two ways have been used Richards (1954), and Ayers and Westcot (1985), and Wilcox (1955). Richards (1954) method shows an area (90 Km2) with a permissible water type, while Ayers and Westcot (1985), and Wilcox (1955) method shows an area (451 Km2) with a good water type. The Limitation of the area for suitable water for drinking and irrigation reflects the impact of the river in enhancing the quality of ground water while the whole is with unsuitable. It shows the impact of lithology and arid climate on the quality of groundwater.