An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study aims basically to analyze and assess a part of the problems that are associated with the jurisdictions of the High Justice Court in light of the distinct method that the Palestinian legislator uses in reporting the expansion method of determining such jurisdictions, which shed its shadows on the way of approaching the hypotheses resulting from the negative disputes among the jurisdictions that are assigned to the constitutional and administrative judiciaries. By uncovering the nature of the jurisdictions in the study, we shall find out that the High Justice Court has the general custodianship of looking into the administrative disputes and their natural judge. The absence of the legislator's role in determining the party which solves the problems of distributing the jurisdictions between the constitutional and administrative judiciaries in addition to the rest of courts shall consequently result in an abnormal situation and unacceptable in denying justice and deprivation of the litigation right which is guaranteed for all people.