An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to identify the impact of Analogystrategy on learning concepts among 2ndgradersin science. The researchers use the quasi-experimental approach for designing pre-post testing of two groups, they prepared lessonsplans based on analogy strategy, which include conducting mapping between the new and learned concept to facilitate and learn the new conceptin the experimental group.Whereas the students in the control group studying the lessons in the traditional way.To achieve the aim of the study the researchers made a test to measure the student's achievement of the mentioned concepts in "The Environment Unit". The study found out that there isa significant difference at (α ≤ 0.05) between the meansof pre and postconcept learning test favor to the experimental group, and there isn'tsignificant difference at (α ≤ 0.05) between the meansof the delayed and posttestfor the experimental group.