An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of this study was to identify the impact of using flipped classroom approach on the developmentof motivation towards science learningand science achievement of ninth gradefemalestudents. The sample of the study consisted of (53) female students of the ninth grade in one of the governmental schools in South Batinah. It was divided into two groups: an experimental group consistsof (27) students, and control group consistsof (26) students. To achieve the aims of this study, the researchersprepared a teacherguide for the unit of " Electricity and its Technological Application", as well as two tools: motivation towards science learning scale and academic achievement. The validityof the two study instruments was assessed by a group of jury members. The reliability of motivation towards science learning scale was (0.89), whereas the reliability of academic achievement test was (0.75). The results of the study showed a statically significant difference between the experimental and control groups in favor of the experimental groupin both the motivationtowardslearning scienceand academic achievement. In light of these results, the study proposed several recommendationsto improve science teaching at grade ninesuch as conducting a training workshops for teachersand supervisorson how to plan teachingusing flippedclassroom. In addition, trainteachers to prompt students' motivations using different types of teaching strategies.