An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at identifying the reality of transition services for persons withmental disabilitiesfrom the point of view of parents and teachers, aged 15-25 years in private and public education centers in Jordan. A random sample of 99 parents was selected, (60) mothers and (39) fathers, in addition to a random sample of teachers (101) teachers. To achieve the objectives of the study was developed a questionnaire on the evaluation of transitional services for people with mental disabilities and verified its validity and stability; The field of life skills has the highest average and highest Psychological and emotional services received the lowest average of teachers and parents of transitional services for persons with mental disabilities; the arithmetic mean ranged from parents' assessments of life skills (3.22) to psychological and emotional services (2.69). While the arithmetic average was the teachers for the field of life skills (3.36) while in the field of psychological and emotional services (2.97).Finally, the study recommended further studies of the roles of employees and their levelof knowledge of the importance of transitional services.