An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences between the effect of Pilates and weight exercises on some physical and kinematics variables on the butterfly stroke.The experimental approach was used. Thestudy was conducted on a sample of (10) students who have been divided into two equal groups and training them for (8) weeks: the first experimental group consists (5) students who have been involved in Pilatesexercise training, and the second experimental group consists (5) students who have been involved in strength endurance training. Physical tests were conducted on each one of the groups, including: strength endurance )Push up test 1minute & Sit Up test1minute), Flexibility (Sit and reach test, Static flexibility test for the trunk and neck& Static Flexibility Test -Shoulder & Wrist).The following kinematicsvariables have been measured (time of 25m butterfly swimming, the average of strokes number at 25m butterfly swimming, Average length of strokes, the frequency rate strokes, the speedaverageof 25 m butterfly stroke & Efficiency index). All of those variables have been measured using Kinovea analysis system. The results of the study showed that Pilatesexercises better in Flexibility & average strokes length of in butterfly swimmingthan weight exercise. The researchersrecommended usingPilates exercises in learning and training skills that require flexibility and strength, such as butterfly swimming among physical education faculty.