An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identifying the values of some kinematic variables that Affecting of the achievement time of the female students participating in shuttle run test (4 × 10 m) in the King Abdullah II Award for Physical Fitness. And in order to the researchers used descriptive approach on (10) female students (age:11 years, height: 144cm, mass, 42kg) at first Irbid education. The study sample was filmed by using video camera (Canon 600D) reached speed (25) frame/s. The study examined: stride length, frequency stride, reaction time, the time of the rotation, High gravity center of the body of a moment caught of repression, average speed, efficiency index. The study results showed: the study sample technique in this test is characterized by some weaknesses, Also the average stride length (1.06 m), As well as the average of the reaction time was higher, which amounted to (0.65)s. And low index of effectiveness. In addition, the study results showed an imbalance in the technique caught repression and rotational moment caught repression at the finish line, and leave it at the starting line. The researchers recommends: that necessity the teachers of Physical Education see the results of this study, and attention to the kinematic variables that Affecting of the achievement time.