An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The Study aimed to reveal the perceptions of the primary stage teachers in private education schools in the capital, Amman, in respect of the obstacles of the effective recruitment concerning the educational technology in the classroom. The Sample of the Study consists of 560 male & female teachers, which including (225) male teachers & (335) female teachers. They were chosen by random stratification of male & female teachers who work in the second area of Amman in the academic years 2016/2017 AD. After verifying the validity & reliability of the Study, both researchers formulated a questionnaire consist of 25-paragraghs, to achieve the objective of the Study. The arithmetical average and standard deviations were used for the purposes of data analysis. From the perspective of the teachers themselves, the results of the study showed high estimates of the obstacles faced by the teachers of primary stage in the private education schools in the Capital, Amman, in applying and using technology in the classroom. In addition to that, the existence of statistically significant differences at the level of (α≤ 0.05) in the degree of teacher's assessment of the obstacles facing them while employing technology in the classroom in accordance with the gender variable degree of overall obstacles. As well as to the differences in the following fields: The Obstacles related to teachers & others related to school administration. As a result, the differences in the fields mentioned above and in the total Score were in the favor of males. The Results didn't show any statistically significant differences at the level of (α≤0.05), and in the degree of the assessment of primary stage teachers in private education schools in the capital, Amman of the obstacles they encountered during the use of the technology in the classroom which depending on the following Variables: (Years of Experience, Scientific Qualification, Number of Training Courses), for the overall degree of obstacles, as well as the lack of differences in all fields of obstacles.