An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research paper aims at reading “Ba’al” in the ancient language record and pursuing its original resources in: Lexicons, the Holy Quran and the Arabic Poetry from ancient and new ages, mentioning the evidences that confirm what the researcher demands؛he tries to extract the meaning study out from methodologies beyond language to subject this study to observation and objective analysis depending on linguistic context, which contains all the signs that a word appears in which contain all syntagmatic relations such as ; constant structures and annexation. The researcher considered the context of situation within the context semantic theory which consists the outer frame of the verbal production of the linguistic community. This research reclining on historical and appositive methodologies tries to approach the Word connotation in the sematic languages and history books, mentioning examples of linguistic usages in non – Arabic Language. The researcher considered the nouns which are added to ''Ba'al'' or combined with it, and when he noticed a connection between ''Ba'al'' and "Hubal" he tried to reveal this connection.