An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study is based on part of an integrated project which aim at finding the Permissions in all chapters of Islamic Jurisprudence in the four schools of taught, either it is mentioned textually or derived from efforts or modern way to realize the effect of the needs in it. This study treats some Permissions whether it is mentioned in an explicit textual ruling or in the modern way in the Chapters of Sabq, shuf`a and wadee`ah. The methodology of this study is to expatiate the Radix Matter (Determination) of every permission, then explains the proofs of the Radix, the exceptional matter, the permission it’s reason and type and scholar’s views, then study of Radix matter`s proofs, in terms of authenticity and indication to the subject matter in case the Permission is not stated. clarifying prevention in the Radix Matter if its Original or Bridging fill the pretext and explain the type of need either General or personal and finally expatiate how far the needs affect the permissiveness.