An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to investigate the effect of using programmed instruction on the achievement of middle school students in science. To achieve this aim, learning software for a unit that is entitled: "The Cell" for the seventh grade's students was developed, and an achievement test consisted of 30 questions was designed. A Purposive sample of 72 Jordanian public school students have been assigned as the experimental group consists of 36 students, who are taught by programmed instruction, and the control group consists of 36 students, who are taught by traditional method during the first semester of the scholastic year 2016/2017. The findings of the study reveal that there is a significant statistical difference in students ' achievement in science between the experimental and control groups, and this statistical difference is attributed to the teaching method (Programmed Instruction, Traditional) in favor of programmed instruction. The implications of this study suggest: encouraging the teachers of science to utilizing the programmed instruction in teaching, training the teachers of science to prepare educational software, and examining of the effect of programmed Instruction in other subjects of science.