An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study amid at identifying the level of some coordination abilities in the Arab national teams for fencing under (15) years and their relation to achievement. In addition to the differences in the relationship between the level of Coordination abilities and achievement according to sex variable, the sample included (40) male and female fencers of the Arab teams under (15) years Participants in the (2016) Arab Pomegranate Competition were selected in a deliberate manner and the descriptive approach was used to suit the nature of the study. The study used a set of tests to measure the coordination abilities (jump forward-backward for 15 seconds, rear motor balance, tennis ball titration, step forward in reverse Swedish seat, jump test on the top of the triangle alternately (15) seconds, colored boxes test and V test).After the data collection, the statistical program (SPSS) was used to analyze the results, the results of the study showed that there is a correlation between the level of coordination abilities and achievement in the sport of fencing, while there were no statistically significant differences in the level of the relationship between coordination abilities and achievement due to gender variable. The researchers recommended the need to pay attention to developing the coordination abilities of the fencers at an early age because of their impact in achieving in fencing.