An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The research deals with the Christian population in Jerusalem district in the 10th century A.H /16th century A.D. It examines theirnumbers and the villages where they lived, in addition of the changes that occurred upon their numbers during this period. Furthermore,the research deals with fees and taxes they pay, such as the poll taxes (Jizya), Rusum Al-qiyamah, wa Al `Adah al Mu`tadah, and these which they are paid such as Muslims like Al-qiyam, the tenth (Al-`ushur), Kharaj, Baduha and Rusum (fees) Al-hisbah. The research also explainsto whom these fees back to which the owner of Al-timars, starting from the Ottoman Empire, the princes of brigades, Al-sibahiyah and numbers of religious employees in addition to that some of it has been endowment (Waqf) upon religious institutions.