An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims at revealing the relationship between striving to maintain dignity and aggression in University students, through, 1-Measuring the striving to maintain dignity in University students. 2-Comparison in dignity according to gender variable (Male-Female) 3-Comparison in dignity according to specialization variable(scientific-humanitarian).4-Measuring aggressive behaviour in University students.5-Comparison in aggression according to gender variable (Male-Famle).6-Comparison in aggressive behavior according to specialization variable (scientific-humanitarian). 7-Finding a relation between dignity and aggressive behavior.As for the purpose of measuring the research variables, the researcher has built two tools , one for measuring the striving to maintain dignity ,which is made up of(28) item ,and the other for measuring aggression ,which is made up of (44) items.To make sure that the two tools are valid ,the researcher has calculated the plausible validity by presenting it to a group of psychology arbitrators, and the validity of construction through finding the correlation factor,item degree of the total scale , also the discrimination of the two scale items has been calculated according to the Vakronbach method, the correlation factor of the scale of the striving to maintain dignity has reached to (0.79) and the aggression scale (0.90), and it has been applied on a sample that consists of 200 University students (Male-Famale) , then they were chosen in a simplerandom way, and the data was gathered by using a suitable statistic way .The study has shown the following: 1-The research sample has dignity ,for the calculated T-test has reached(40-68). 2-There are moral differences in maintaining dignity in favour ofthe females,for the value of the calculated T-test has reached to (11.71) degree. There are no moral differences according to the specialization variable.4-University students are not characterized by aggressive behavior, for the calculated T-test value has reached to (-3.440) degrees. 5-The sample of male University students have aggressive behavior more than the females,for their calculated T-test value has reached to (25.515) degrees. 6-There are difference of statistical significance ,in aggressionin favour of the humanitarian departments,as the calculated T-test value has reached to(6.936) degrees .7-There is no relation between the striving to maintain dignity and aggression ,for the value of the correlation factor has reached to (0.045) degrees.In the light of this study ,the researcher has recommended the following :1-Subjection people to an institutional system in which the subjection is to be to the state only.2-Creating common local practices that allow every citizen to exercise his or herright.3-Correcting the perceptions that accompanied the proceedings to extremism.