An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identify the social, cultural, psychological, and health negative effects of high school students as a result of their use of social networking sites. through a descriptive study in which the researcher used a field scanning methodology. The study was conducted on three hundred male and female students in Gaza City. The study has several conclusions; the most important one is that; use of male or female for society communication sites was at a high level. They use all those sites, and the predominant 91% used Facebook. 73%uses these sites daily. 26.3% use SNS for more than five hours. The main reasons for use: communication with others, & entertainment.The results also showed that this use had amedium negative impact on adolescents in the social, psychological, culturaland health aspects. There were no statistically significant differences between the average estimates of males and females on the impact of SNS on them in social, cultural, & psychological aspects, and health effects, butthere are differences in favor offemales in health effects. There are statistically significant differences in the students rating average of social, psychological and cultural influences, according to variable: family intervention in adolescents' use of these sites. There are no differences in rating of health effects.Recommendations of the study:The educational, social and religious institutions of the community should play an appropriate role in educating adolescents about the negative aspects of social networking sites.Help parents to educate their children about the good use of social networking sites and avoid their negative.