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If there is a work of fiction relevant to the document library and its contents directly to the delicate, the exquisite Notre-Dame de Paris by the French WriterVictor Hugo draws our attention to the density of signifiers and symbols that charging by the Office, in addition to poetic discourse and narrative in which the tyranny on this novel. So still many student critics, and even readers seeking to value-expressive, which has affected the spaces of this novel and their capitals with connotations and additional services the vision of the writer, which I use also elements of Islam from the narrative and dialogue characters specialized to read narrative dimensions of social, psychological, and religious. Proceeding from that, based on this research paper in their office, on the front four and the finale. Been in the show problematic search, relevance and product followed and then the most important previous studies the image of the office with a brief definition of the terms place and space. Came early the first is a study of the peculiarities of the historical place, while the second semantics space across the sub-headings of the facts of the novel, and in particular the third building to study the symbolism of the space of the streets of Paris and their referents, usually early treatment the fourth and final symbolic space of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Then outlined the conclusion the most important results of this study.