An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to define the level of science teachers’ understanding the nature of science in the light of (2061) project, and its relationship with can be related to some of their demographic variables. To answer the studyquestions, the researcher applied the descriptive analytical approach. The study population included all the secondary stage science teachers registered in the Ministry of Education, Amman, Jordan. They were (3265) teachers for the term (2017/2018). The study sample was made of (175) teachers, males and females. Theyhave been chosen randomly of schools. The study tool has been distributed among them and retrieved. To collect data, the researcher depended on the test of understanding science nature; made of (25) items. After applying the statistical processes, the researcher found that there is a remarkable decline by the science teachers in understanding the science nature. There was no significant difference attributed to the study variables, except the academic qualification, which had a difference of statistical significance and was in favor of the teachers who obtained (Masters or PhDs). As a conclusion, the researcher recommended the importance of organizing projects and training courses for science teachers.