An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aims at formulating ageographicalvision to deal with the future growth of the urban population in Taiz governorate and proposing a mechanism for selecting growth poles in the governorate according to specific geographic criteria, In order to achieve balanced development at the level of the study area and to provide access to services for a large number of the rural population in the region.The study depended on some methods such as the regional method, and the systematic method which contains (the spatial analysis, and cities systems analysis), In addition to the cartographic and quantitative methods.The study found that the theories and laws in the geography of cities did not match with the urban system in Taiz governorate, which distanced itself from the urban balance and increased urban concentration over time.The study used geographic planning criteria to select the poles of growth "Location and accessibility standard, the demographic standard -Population size, gender ratio and growth rate-and services standard -educational, health and banking-". The study suggested -proposed-the nomination of the town of Al-Mukha and the town of the Al-Turbh for their -its-rapid development, followed by the town of Al-Rahedah and the town of Dhobab.