An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to investigate the effect of using STS approach based on scientific curiosity among basic stage students in Palestine in acquiring scientific values. The sample of the study consists of (59) female 9thgrade students, was distributed over two groups; the first was taughtbyusing STS approach, and the second was taught using the traditional method. The instructional material based on STS, and the scientific values scale, and Campbell’sscientific curiosity scale were prepared. Then the tool of the study waspre-applied on both experimental and control groups. The tool of the study then postsapplied on both groups. The results of the study were statistically analyzed using 2-way ANCOVA (2X 2). Statistical treatments haveshown that the STSapproachhas appeared impact in the experimental group compared to the control group in the acquiring of scientific values. Based on that, it was recommended to useSTS approach in science teaching