An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims at recognizing the image of the woman in the high school Arabic text books. The contents of these books were analyzed in order to in order to answer the main question of the study: How was the image of women in the Arabic text books of the secondary school of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel? The study concluded that the role of a woman as a mother got 19.4% in Arabic texts and negative psychological aspects of the personality of a woman got 64.67%. The results showed that the profession of the maid is the most common profession in these books, where the highest percentage (30.38%). There is no doubt that this stereotype in the curricula does not reflect the status of women in the reality of the Arab Palestinian society in Israel, and it affects the personality of the Palestinian Arab girl in particular, because it helps to reduce the chances of participation in all roles due to limited professional options in specific areas. The study recommends that there should be a woman among the member of the curricula committee as well as to add units to the school books in order to make female students aware of their big roles in the Palestinian society.