An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This Study aimed to identify the necessary training needs for Secondary Stage TeachersIn-service Scopein the light of teacher's Competence for taking care the Gifted Students. The Study used the descriptive methodology(Style Implemented: The Analysis Style). The Study's tools were consisted into two tools: the first is a list of teacher's competence for taking care the Gifted Studentswhich included from (65 Competencies) distributed in four Scope: The Competencies of essential Concepts Knowledge for taking Care the Gifted Students, Competencies of recognizing the Gifted Studentsand the used finding out method, Competencies of preparing programs and the styles of taking care for the Gifted Students, Personals competencies of Gifted Studentsteacher's, And was implemented at (24) Universities academic stuff, Supervisors and the specialists in the scope of taking care; to identify the necessary competencies needs for secondary stage teachers for taking care the Gifted Students, where (6 Competencies) were canceled which wasn't reach to the level (85%). On the other hand, the second tool acted on a questionnaire of necessary training for teachers for taking care the Gifted Students, which included from (44 Paragraph) which built in light of a list of competence, and it was implemented at (360 teachers).The study reached that the level of training needs for secondary school teachers was (0.82 -0.89) for the dimensions of needs questionnaire and (0.86) for the questionnaire as a whole. The study also reached that there isa significant differencein the teachers' assessment of their training needs according to scientific qualification for postgraduate. And also that there are no significant differences according to sex and years of service.In the light of the results, the study recommended the development of teacher competencies to take care of higher Achieverstudents through subjecting them to specialized training programs in their field of work to develop the professional and social skills required for them in dealing with students with special needs. And on light of the main scope of the training needs questionnaire prepared in this study.