An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the practice of school principals for administrative transparency and from the viewpoint of female teachers, the study followed the analytical descriptive approach and applied the questionnaire was identified as a tool for data collection, the sample of which (138) was a teacher of government schools in the Beni Obeid distract and the Northern Mazar In the governorate of Irbid, in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.The results showed that the degree to which school managers exercise administrative transparency from the viewpoint of female teachers has been high, and the highest factors have come; legislation and regulations, followed by the factor of labour procedures and mechanisms and, finally, the factor of performance appraisal; All of them were highly significant. The results also showed statistically significant differences between the mean of the participants ' responses to the degree to which school managers exercise administrative transparency and all factors (legislation and regulations, procedures and mechanisms of work, performance evaluation) and the overall degree depending on the stage variable,in the interest of the basic stage. While there are no statistically significant differences according to the scientific qualification variable; years of experience.The main recommendations of the study were the annual motivational prize offered by the Ministry of Education to school principals, practices of administrative transparency, the education directorates have been activated for educational meetings among school leaders to share their experiences in the exercise of administrative transparency.