An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims at exploring the tendencies of the 6th grade students towards learning the unit of “geometry” focusing on the influence of teaching it by using computerized games on the 6th grade students’ anxiety, pleasure, motivation and self- perception. The researchers employed the experimental design. Further, the population of the study comprised 70 female students from the 6th grade of Tamoun Girl’s Basic School II. The sample was divided into two groups, namely: experimental and control. In the former, the content of the unit of “geometry” was enriched and evaluated by using computerized games. The study uses a number of tools, namely: computerized games, watching the content of the classes, a questionnaire measuring students’ anxiety, pleasure, motivation and self- perception. The researcher distributed the thirty-two question. The study revealed that there is a positive effect of computerized games on anxiety, pleasure, motivation and self-perception among students as the researcher observed. The study recommended to use various methods in teaching mathematics for the importance of excitement and suspense, and to It is vital to use the educational system based on computerized games for its importance in order to motivate students to learn mathematics