An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to Construct Science Teachers Attitudes Scale towards Student Centered Active Learning – Teaching Utilizing Rasch Rating Scale Model. To achieve the purpose of the study، an attitudes five- Likert scale was constructed، as the final version was consisted from (30) items after the content validity was examined by a panel of experts. The scale was administered to (502) teachers selected from the governmental schools in Amman and Marka Education Directorates. The study revealed that, the (30) items were fitted the model، and the correlations values which are evident to the internal consistency validity of the scale varied from (0.45) to (0.71). In addition to that، the results indicated that the persons and the items reliabilities which were estimated using the persons and items separation indices were (0.92) and (0.97) respectively. The internal consistency reliability of the scale was (0.94). Furthermore، the exploratory factor analysis revealed that the scale has five dimensions.