An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This paper seeks to investigate the different bases on which the cultural structure of the Arabic poetry is built from the discourse point of view. To lachieve the study main purpose, the researcher examines Amr Bin Quayah’s the poem as a workable example to cite and analyze. In the first subject, the study dealt with two basic topics: the technical structure in terms of the basic structure, (the internal architecture of the poem), In the second the subject discussed subject the linguistic structure in terms of the minor unity of the word, namely sound. IS the researcher shall light on the study of sound construction and its influence on the formation of semantic inspiration, and its role in the rhythmic or musical composition of the poem. Furthermore, the study provides an extensive discussion on the semantic unit, and the sentence, its components, its overlap with its components, which is known as the syntactic level, all of that ed to the general semantic level of the text.