An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The decoration of the Arab-Islamic architecture is closely related to the language of Islamic art. Baghdad, the decoration of palaces, mosques and domes in its geometrical, artifacts, or mixed forms of arabesques, flourished in Baghdad. The study aimed at revealing the plant decorations used in the Abbasid palace in Baghdad and its elements and origins. To form decorative elements in the Abbasid Palace in Baghdad. The research community consists of a group of decorative elements of various types located in the halls and vaults of Ewan and the walls of the Abbasside palace in Baghdad. A group of samples in the palace were analyzed technically. The use of vegetal ornamentation as a decorative mantle or a concern for spaces resulting from geometric patterns in Abbasid palace architecture. The study recommended the use of plant decorations in the Abbasid palace building in the designs implemented today, especially in the field of architecture and interior design