An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Ahmad Bani Atta


Lisping is probably one of the problems that is viewed by Arab communities as one of the silly and easy problems. Therefore, parents, due to lack of health knowledge,do not take it seriously when one of their children suffers from this problem.The truth of the matter is that a speaker may suffer from acquired, health, or physiological speaking problems.This makes us classify it as an illness, which might exceed in number the registered numbers of other physical illnesses since the therapeutic process might take much more time to achieve full recovery.It could start with oral practice and end with surgical interference.This problem might stand as an obstacle in the way of those who suffer from it when opportunities are available, thus preventing them from achieving goals and aspirations that are grounded on speaking skills. This study aimed at detecting the types of lisp, types, causes and methods of treatment, and dealt with the concept of language and terminology, and language in the Arab heritage, and the difference between the reasons organic and acquired in the emergence, and the psychological effects left by the speakers, and the most frequent turn on tongues, For its relevance to the nature of the problem that is related to the memorization and characterization of the Arabic language, which we can recognize by listening to reality.