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The aim of thisstudy aimed at recognizing the respects of manifestationsofstutteringdisorderforordinaryand those withlearningdisabilities. To achieve theobjectives of the study, the researcherdesigneda check list consisted of(30)items addressed thesevendimensions ofthe manifestations ofstuttering: repeating, prolongation, stops, addandthe input, behavioravoidance, physicaland troublebreathing. Troublesthecheck list was applied to asampleconsisted of(40)children, (20)ordinarychild, and (20)childrenwith learning difficulties, and each of themhasa class(10)male, and (10)were female.The study found that"repetition" hasranked first, followed by "prolongation" in the second place,while "the process of breathing disorder," ranked last. The study also foundthat there aresignificant differences in theperformanceaspects(dimensions)stutteringamong the studentswith learning disabilitiesandlanguageOrdinaryat avoidancebehavior, andphysicalmanifestationsand overall performancein favor of students withlearning disabilities.The results also shownostatistically significant differencesinperformance on the(repetition, avoidancebehavior, disorderandthe process ofbreathing). Whilethere weresignificant differencesat the rest of thedimensionsand overall performance, in favor ofmales with learning disabilities.As for theage groupvariable,results showedno significant differencessignificantstatisticallybetween the meanperformanceof students withdisabilities learningatall the dimensionsand performanceexceptthe dimitybreathingtroublein favor of students withlearningdisabilitiesinatthe age group(from8-7years).