An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The rank of worship is the most honorable and highest of the ranks of love, and it expresses the rank of (Iihsan) - the highest level of religion - and for the honor and importance of this rank, I devoted a research to it entitled (The reality of worship and the opinions of scholars on judging the ranks of worship), And I divided it into an introduction, three topics and a conclusion. As for the first topic, it was: Explaining the truth of worship, its benefits and honor, and the second topic in a statement: The relationship of worship with monotheism, Then the third topic was in a statement: Types of worshipers and worship, their ranks and judgments, and I concluded with a conclusion with the most prominent results. That: worship is the perfection of love with perfection of submission, and it is the pure right of God Almighty over His servants to unify worship and unify love, and that people differ in their ranks of worship. The opinions of scholars differed in ruling on the validity of these ranks, and that the basis for ruling on the validity and acceptance of worship is the intention of the worshiper. And that the place of worship is achieved by not sharing God Almighty, whether in the deeds of the outward or inward deeds, so (There is no god but God) requires that: There is no worshiped or beloved but God alone, with no partner.