An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of this study was to identify thelevel of psychological alienation in a sample of Syrian refugee students for the secondary stage in Jordan and its relationship with the variables of family type and duration of asylum. The study population of all Syrian refugee students for the secondarystage in the Directorate of Education of the tribe of Irbid and the number of (4000) students, in the second semester of the year 2017 -2018. The study sample consisted of (600) female students, who were selected by simple random method, and applied the measure of psychological alienation from the development of the researchers. The study found that the level of psychological alienation among female students was medium,The study also recommended the necessity of building guidance and therapeutic programsto address the phenomenon of expatriation among refugee students, in addition to educating parents about the methods of social upbringing that enhance positive interaction with children