An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


this study aims to identify the perceptions of the University of Jordan’s students toward the effectiveness of using electronic learning platforms (Edraak) in developing their self-learning skills in national culture course. The sample of the study included 745 students of those who studied national culture course during the 2nd semester 2017/2018. The statistical descriptive approach was used. The results showed that the perceptions of students toward the benefits of using electronic learning (Edraak) platforms in teaching national culture course were in high degree and the obstacles of using Edraak were limited. The respondents indicated that electronic learning platforms are effective in developing self-learning skills, and there are no significant statistical differences in their perception according to gender, year of study, college, and family income variables. The study recommended using electronic learning platforms such as edraak in teaching other general university courses to get benefits from its role in in developing self-learning skills for students.