An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This Study Aims to describe the role of deaf culture community In Their Social Life within Hearing Society in Jordan, Participants consisted of 20 Deaf, (10 male, and 10 females), ranging from 20-45 Years Old in Deaf Clubs. This sutdy is aqualitative descriptive study, A random sample was selected, Semi-Formal Interviews were made Using questions about Deaf life, relationships, situations and social life. The Results showed that social behaviors and social life acts is basically learned from mothers, Deaf Friends and Colleagues in Deaf clubs and schools. Deaf Youth have a new attitudes for marrying hearing girls instead of Deaf ones which led to unmarried Deaf girls, there is a clear lack in sex awareness among Deaf. Deaf people face many challenges in their relations with their families including parents, brothers and their own children, especially hearing ones, refusal and impeding from their families, in spite of the existence of positive behaviors in the surrounding society (the nuclear, extended family and society), but the predominant feature is a negative attitudes towards disability. Deaf culture, and deaf language (sign language) have the greatest role in these attitudes. Many deaf people rejects the hearing society because of the inability of the hearings to communicate with them in the simplest ways. The results indicated that the hearing society still has a lack of knowledge about hearing disability and ways of communicating, finally, the study recommend further studies about the attitudes of the hearing society, especially the families and children of deaf parents.