An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the reality of free reading in the light of modern technological developments from the point of view of Al Isra University students in Jordan. The study population consisted of (117) students from Al Isra University. The researchers constructed a questionnaire included three domains: The source of free reading, its kind, and its aim. The results of the study revealed that the students of the University of Isra, practicing free reading through the use of modern technology in the three domains at high levels; according to the source of technological reading students used Google browser, WhatsApp, and face book at high level. And the main source for free reading was electronic publications at high level, compared with paper publications. In the domain of free reading kind, the result indicated that the documentations processes in the various paper publications were higher than electronic populations. The results of domain free reading were as follow; social, economic, religious, and political domains and they were at high slandered while the scientific domains were at average level. IN the literary of arts, the results were at high level and different means, the stories came first than non-methodological, poetry, articles, novels. In the domain of free reading the results indicated the aim of the university students from free reading is learning and gaining information of avery high level, while the other aims came at high level and with different means. The Results of the study revealed that there were no statically significant differences at the level of (α=0.05) between the means averages on free reading paragraphs as a whole, and three domains due to the variables: Gender, College, and Academic year.