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The study aimed to identify Concurrency andsuccessionfor biocinematic rotation of motor transport at the start and end of movement of the Participating joints when performing the skill of jump shooting from the basketball,theresearcher used the semi-experimental method to suit the nature of this study. The study sample consisted of (60) players representing (77%) of the study society. Theywere chosen by deliberate method and distributed to three equal groups. (20 years), the second group (13-13.9 years), the number of (20) players, the third group of the age group (14-14.9 years) and the number of (20) player. The parity and homogeneity of all three variables.The researcher identified a set of kinetic variables for the interpretation of synchronous and sequential kinetic transport and used video imaging and Kinovea kinetic analysis program. The results of the study showed synchronization and sequencing in the kinetic movement of the joints involved in performance when performing the correction in basketball. In addition, there were statistically significant differences Mean (α≤0.05) between 12-12.9 years of age (13.9 years) -(14-14.9 years) in synchronous and successive motor transport and for the age group (14-14.9 years) On the importance of teaching the correct motor construction of the players depending on the MUV A motor transport.