An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at knowing the differences at physical fitness elements that are related to health for primary stage student at Nazareth and Irbid school whether these elements are different according to different grade.The sample of study consisted of students fourth,fifth and sixth grades that is about (215) students,(110) from Irbid school and (105) from Nazareth school. The researcher used a questionnaire for gathering the data health related fitness elements as follows: (muscular power, flexibility, body composition (thigh, back and abdomen), grip strength,feet strength, muscular endurance).The coefficient and stability hasbeen established. The researcher used means and standard deviations, t-test and nova test, to analyses the data. The study results indicated: there are statistically significant differences at the level (α=0.05) at physical fitness elements, the result also indicated that there are statistically significant differences for Nazareth school students at two elements(flexibility and layer strength). The results also indicated that there are significant differences among students grades (fourth, fifth, and sixth) on all study tests for the sixth grade students except for the muscular endurance test showed no significant differences.