An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at identifying the effect of using my style of teaching Prince and training on some earth movement skills in artistic gymnastics (front rolling, rolling background, handstand, wheel, Somersault Arab, kinetic sentence using the previous skills) among students in the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University, to achieve this study was conducted on a sample of 30 female students who were deployed to two equal and unequal, and dish them educational program proposal for (8) weeks of (3) units weekly, was used prescriptive method on the first set, style training on the second set. Researcher experimental method has been used to suitability nature of the study in order to achieve objectives of the study, tests were conducted before and after the application of the program, was the data collection and use of statistical packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) program to analyze the results, and after making statistical treatments showed the results of the study, that the proposed educational program has an impact positive statistically significant using either Prince or training method, also higher than students of the second set appeared (training method) on the students first group (Prince method) in all skills - under study - and wholesale motor also, except handstand was in favor of the group first (Prince method). Ost and researcher with several recommendations, including the use of different teaching methods in physical education, which contribute to the improvement of the educational process and to benefit from the proposed tutorial using my style of teaching and training Prince.