An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed at determining the degree of involvement of the developed mathematics books for the students of the low basic stage in light of the "Romey" coefficient in Palestine. The study used the descriptive analytical approach. The study data consisted of content analyzing card and grading questionnaire for teachers. The study sample consisted of (115) pages in the mathematics books for the first four basic classes in the first and second parts. The sample of teachers consisted of (41) he/teachers and she/teachers of those classes.The teachers' assessments show that textbooks in the four grades involve students in their content, activities, drawings and forms on average (64.23%). On the other hand, the results of the content analysis according to the Romey coefficient showed that the content of the mathematics books for the four grades focuses on knowledge quantity and didn't achieve sufficient involvement for the students. The results also showed that the involvement of the drawings and forms in the second, thirdand fourth grade books did not reach the required level, which allows the students to deal with the drawings and forms functionally. The results also revealed that the educational activities in the books of the four grades achieved the students' required involvement, that is these activities focused on the students' effectiveness and their involvement into the educational tasks.