An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The current study aimed to find the effect of implementing the Science Education Development Program (SEED) on the fourth-grade students’ learning of “Classification” Unit. The study followed the quasi-experimental design. The instrument was an achievement test, made of (27) items which measure the impact of the program on the fourth graders’ achievement. Test reliability was realized through the one –factor analysis of the test items. The sample of the study consisted of (69) students, divided into two groups. The experimental group (35 students who studied the unit using the (SEED) program and the control group (34) students studied the unit using the traditional way. The results of the independent T-Test showed a difference in the performance of the two groups for the interest of the experimental group. Based on the research results, the study recommends training the teachers to use the (SEED) program and other similar programs which aim to develop their technological skills for best classroom practices.