An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at investigating the effect of teaching Science by using IPAD on improving self–learning skills for the Sixth Basic Grade Students. The study sample consisted of two classes choosing randomly from sixth elementary male students who were attending in a private school. The sample was divided into two groups: experimental (26 students) who were taught by using IPAD and control (30 students) who were taught without using IPAD. To achieve the study aims, one instruments was developed: a scale to measure self–learning skills which consisted of (30) items. Results revealed that: There were significant statistical differences between the two groups' means at the sub-scales of Self-Learning Skills and at the sub-scales of Self-Learning Skills (Organizational, Guidance and Control, Using Sources of Learning, and Self Evaluation Skills) in favor of the experimental group. The study suggests that the results of this experiment can be generalized on the other classrooms and schools in Jordan.